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Some things are just better explained in an updated video. That's why we've created this resource page to better help you on your journey of selling more books.

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How to Find your Target Audience

Formatting your Book Description

Interview with the Owner of Publisher Rocket - Dave Chesson

Discover advanced keywords strategies.

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Fiverr for Book Covers

Sample Fiverr Book Cover #1

Fiverr Seller: Rebecacovers

Cost: $10

Sample Fiverr Book Cover #2

Fiverr Seller: Germancreative

Cost: $20

Professional Book Cover Sample

The Difference

This design depicts the portal as a pin sharp white ring to represent the ‘clean’ AI style, and makes a good juxtaposition to the dusty planet surface.

This scene show protagonist about to enter the gate into the new world. His small size makes the portal and world feel huge.

The moons are visible to take the cover straight to the sci-fi genre. (the third moon to feature large on the back cover)

The low horizon line makes the scene feel vast, and the ruins in the distance give the scene depth and more of a story to discover.

The title is the main focus with a rough metal texture to represent military equipment. The height of the letters in the word ‘gate’ evoke an epic feeling.

The colours represent the land and sky, but also nod to military colours.

Designer: Claire from BookSmith Designs

Cost: $550

Keywords & Categories

Publisher Rocket - Powerful software to get instant keywords for your KDP Dashboard and Amazon ads. Extreme value for the price.

K-Lytics - Takes categories to a whole new level.

Calculating KDP Select Page Reads

Payout for Page Reads (Online Calculator)

book promotion strategy and services

Go in order, book one Gold promotional site, then one silver, and one bronze. First make sure you're accepted into the Gold before moving onto the others. If you don't get optimal dates for the Gold you first apply for, move onto the next.

  • Gold Promo Sites

  • Silver Promo Sites

  • Bronze Promo Sites

Book First then Move onto Other Tiers

  • FreeBooksy ($50 – $100): the best site for free books outside of BookBub
  • ENT ($35 – $45)
  • RobinReads ($30 – $85)
  • Note: Many sites offer “book of the day” options or up-sell packages. Stick with the standard vanilla offerings; they often provide better results and value on a cost-per-download basis. There are exceptions, but it’s difficult to keep dozens of options straight, and expensive to separate the wheat from the extreme chaff.

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    perfect author website examples

    Website #1

    Website #2 - Janes' Site

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